Culture Simple, strangely enough, doesn’t equate to strict simplicity. It is more of a philosophy, for living a life which avoids many of contemporary cultural complexities. There are a number of ways to approach this goal, but first you need to identify which complexities you are trying to remove, or more to the point, why you are removing them.

A couple of good things to remove from your life, are broadcast television and news media. The reasoning is quite straight forward, they sap large amounts of time away from your life. By and large, they of themselves, do not add much in the way of personal benefit, and can often lull you into lifestyle choices that are counter productive. That is not to say that television programs or news in itself are bad, rather that in the broadcast television and news media formats, they are not focused to maximize time utilization.

News media provides only small sound bites, without much depth of field and provides so many different sound bites, that you cannot take much in, in the long term. You can however filter out which news is worthwhile, by receiving it via society, which will by and large only give you the more relevant news, allowing you to research, more in depth, that which interests you most.

Equally, most television programs are available on the internet, though often with a delay in availability. Watching television in this manner rather than via broadcast television, tends to mean that you watch more of what actually interests you, rather than what just happens to be on at the time. There is also a tendency to watch less in this manner. This means more quality viewing for the time expended, and generally less exposure to commercial advertising, which is always a good thing.

Just doing these two things can give you several extra hours per week, in time that can be used in other ways, not currently available to most people.